About the Creators:

With over 9 years of fully submerged experience in the financial markets, Mike Navarrete has made a name for himself. In addition to his own journey, Mike has accumulated even more experience by teaching over a hundred thousand students internationally.
He has been acknowledge by a platform as top trader in the world, out of thousands that qualify.

Nancy Aguilera (soon to be Navarrete) has been one of Mike's pupils for almost 7 years. She started trading in hopes of making it out of the rat race and living a life of travel - which they have done together.
The duo compliments one another well while focusing on one soul mission: helping people expand their reality.

A Journey Unlike Any Other

The list of things that are easier than trading might be as long as the equator. Traders might be some of the most dedicated, resilient and arguably stubborn people to walk this earth. Our products and events are catered to these unicorns for the sake of making the journey smoother, more exciting and more fruitful.

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It's not just a journal

Trading isn't just looking at charts. It's not just "pressing buttons." It's dynamic and should be treated as a profession. My Trading Desk isn't just for documention - it teaches how to create pre-trading, live-trading and post-trading protocols for clarity and consistency.

Take Your Trading Desk with You.

Desktop, laptop and mobile options allow to document from home, planes, jungles or anywhere else your heart craves to go.

  • Journals

    Take your trading to the next level with documentation.

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Get everything you need

All In One

A dynamic, portable virtual office

Back in the day, we had file cabinets of important documents. Now, everything is at the palm of our hands

Completely Customizable

Take Your Trading Journal To-Go

App available for download(:

Learn How to Create Your Own Trading Strategy

Solidify your:

  • Pre-trading protocol
  • Trade Management Strategy
  • Post-Trading Protocol
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