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Crypto & Coladas: Puerto Rico Traders' Retreat

Crypto & Coladas: Puerto Rico Traders' Retreat

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Join our exclusive retreat for traders in beautiful Puerto Rico!

July 28- August 1, 2024 (Dates subject to change, but unlikely).

Network with like-minded professionals and relax with a bit of tropical paradise. Enhance your trading skills while enjoying the benefits of a luxurious vacation.

Let us paint you a picture: 
It's Monday morning and you wake up to the sound of waves crashing. Your normal morning routine is substituted with a stretch beside the pool or a meditation on the beach. You get a quick workout in before NY open and by the time you get out of the shower and sit down to trade, there's a living room full of traders sharing their set-ups. Seasoned traders share their screen to the TV so everyone can mastermind analysis. Maybe you win and take it in with some new and old friends, maybe you lose and review your reflection with Mike Navarrete. After NY session is over, you're excited to explore the island and see waterfalls in the rainforest, get some local tostones with guac and create new memories.

We've had a good share of these priceless memories, that's why we've created one for you.

For Traders, By Traders, With Traders.

Limited spots available, reserve yours now.

**To respect the privacy of our potential customers, we chose not to share the itinerary with venue details, however, this PDF will be shared upon booking.**

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